Software license management can be complex and many organizations don’t have the in-house skills to get the desired grip on software licensing risks and costs. You can support your customers by deploying a managed software license service, based on License Manager Data Center – Service providers Edition, that takes the software licensing and software asset management burden from their shoulders. ITsyndicaat will support you all the way in servicing your customers.
Stop time consuming activities, caused by software vendors that announce an upcoming software audit. Your customers have direct access to their actual license position! Real time reports provide all management information that is required for the several tasks in the organization, at any moment and without any time related stress!
The License Manager platform offers a full range of management reports via the web reports which informs all stakeholders throughout the organisation. The reports are role based and there simply is no better way to make license management effective in an organization.

What we do

ITsyndicaat supports IT Service Providers, Software Consultancy Providers, Software Resellers and others with license management and software asset management solutions and tools.

As a distributor of premier software asset management (SAM) solutions we support our partners in becoming successful in their license management and SAM services offering to their customers, by providing:

  • License Management solutions as a service (LMaaS)
  • Software Asset Management solutions as a service (SAMaaS)
  • Based on Data Center Edition of License Dashboard’s License Manager & SAM Director
  • Enabling full license management and software asset management services for your customers, in all market segments


License Manager Data Center – Service Providers Edition

Service Providers make their choice to perform all activities related to license administration, license management or software asset management either on their in-house License Manager platform, on the ITsyndicaat License Manager platform or (partially) outsource activities to ITsyndicaat. Read more

Branding according to the service providers house style is part of the program.

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License Management as a Service (LMaaS) is a ‘need to have’ offering for Services Providers

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